This Guy And His Girlfriend Recreate The Worst Rated Recipes They Can Find Online, And The Outcomes Are Hilarious

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You know how on recipe websites and blogs, you can rate the recipes from one to five stars? If you’ve ever been curious about what some of the worst-rated recipes look like, you’re in the right place. 

Liz and Zak are two food content creators who run the TikTok account @packagedfoodgourmet, which has gone viral with its ‘Worst Rated Recipes’ series. 

Zak was inspired to make the series with his girlfriend Liz after watching a Vice series where people ate at 1-star-rated restaurants to see just how bad the food would be.

He thought they could do something similar with recipes from popular websites and blogs that get rated by users online. 

In their worst-rated recipe videos, Liz cooks up the wacky takes on classic dishes while Zak tastes and comments on the food. 

Liz and Zak like to film worst-rated recipes in accordance with the seasons. For instance, they recently baked the worst-rated carrot cake from just in time for Easter. 

The carrot cake recipe only received 1.6 starts, and it’s easy to see why as Liz begins to mix all of the ingredients together. The cake called for canned shredded carrots, which Liz had never seen before. 

“That looks awful,” Zak says in the background of the video as Liz plops the dense, under-seasoned cake onto a cooling rack.

Of course, the cake was not a hit, and Zak said it felt like he was eating a quiche after tasting it.

fotofabrika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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