This Server Is Calling Out Bad Tippers On TikTok While Also Explaining What Kind Of A Tip You Should Actually Leave

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In the U.S., giving tips at places like hair salons, restaurants, and bars is a customary practice. In the past, it was common for people to choose whatever amount they wanted to tip, depending on the level of service.

But tipping culture has changed, and currently, there are actually set expectations for what customers should be paying service workers.

Twenty percent is considered the minimum appropriate tip to give, even if the service is terrible.

TikTok creator and server Ben Raanan (@blazikenben) has come under fire for calling out bad tippers and saying that customers’ tips must meet certain standards.

“For your information, ten dollars is not cute like it used to be. It’s not the 1950s; it’s not the 2000s anymore. Inflation means that ten dollars is not worth that much anymore,” said Ben.

He then went on to dictate in which situations it was appropriate to leave a ten-dollar bill. If your bill was fifty dollars, a ten-dollar tip is acceptable since that would be twenty percent.

However, a ten-dollar tip for a bill of two hundred dollars is insulting for restaurant servers, as that would be only five percent.

Then, Ben declared that if someone were to leave him a five, or even ten percent tip, he would confront the customer about it.

He also added that servers should not have to endure such treatment, and they should start putting patrons on the spot in the face of a bad tip.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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