She Had No Choice But To Put A Lock On Her Mini Fridge Because Her College Roommate Kept Helping Herself To All Of Her Expensive Skincare Products She Keeps In There

Yulia Lisitsa - - illustrative purposes only

One of the biggest struggles of rooming with someone in college is when they take your things without permission. 

Sometimes, even when your college roommate seems very nice and polite, there’s still a slight chance they might be taking advantage of your belongings. 

One young woman recently got into an argument with her roommate after putting a lock on the mini fridge she keeps her skincare in after discovering her roommate was using her products without permission. 

She’s 17-years-old and in her first year of college. She has a roommate named Sia, who is one year older. 

“We are very different people, so while we have a cordial relationship and get along well, I wouldn’t say we’re the best of friends,” she explained. 

She has been on a long journey with taking care of her skin and values her skincare. She’s invested in high-quality products.

She keeps them in a small miniature fridge, as there’s not enough room in her dorm room storage for everything. 

“Recently, I started noticing that my face creams and lotions would be used up earlier than expected, and Sia’s clothing started to smell like my peach body mist,” she said.

“Our class timings are different; she leaves after me, so I asked her if she had been taking stuff from my fridge, and she said sometimes.”

Yulia Lisitsa – – illustrative purposes only

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