Wedding Social Content Creators Are The Newest Wedding Professionals You Must Hire For Your Big Day: Here’s Why

For instance, a clip of your best friend’s wedding toast. Or, a live-action shot of you tossing the bouquet to your bridesmaids.

Still, the best part is not that you will get these photos and videos immediately following the end of your wedding. Instead, wedding social content creators will actually upload all of these memories to social media in real-time.

Whether you prefer Instagram, TikTok, or even Facebook, your wedding content creator can create a dedicated account for your big day. Then, you can instruct guests to press the follow button and watch as heartfelt moments and funny tidbits from your nuptials are shared with everyone at the drop of a hat.

Now, it is crucial to note that wedding social content creators are no substitute for traditional wedding photographers. After all, you still want those album-worthy images to look back on in years to come.

Nonetheless, wedding social content creators solve a very modern problem– the desire for instant gratification.

You may not want to wait four to 12 weeks to post some shots from your wedding. Plus, your wedding guests might be dying to see photos from the event, too.

That’s why hiring a wedding social content creator alongside a traditional photographer can give you the best of both worlds– genuine photos posted at the moment and more curated, editorial images that are worthy of being framed on your living room wall.

Since this kind of wedding professional is so new, though, you may be wondering how the heck you can find one (and how much they actually cost).

Well, once again, social media can save the day. If you cannot find any listings on Google, turn to platforms like Instagram or TikTok and simply type in hashtags like #eventcontentcreator or #weddingcontentcreator. You can also specify your location by adding keywords like “NYC” or “LA.”

As for how much this service costs, remember that wedding social content creators must do some pre-planning before your wedding. After all, they have to get an idea of how many posts you envision, the aesthetic you picture, and more.

Plus, they will be actively working on your wedding from start to finish– offering rapid turnaround times that are not easy. Finally, these professionals will likely also have photos and videos that didn’t make it online once your wedding ends– so they will have to deliver those files to you following your event.

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