When These Parents Saw Their Son Suffering From Eczema And Wanted To Find A Way To Get Him Relief, They Created Their Own Skincare Brand

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When you’re a parent, sometimes it can feel like you’ll stop at nothing to ensure your child is safe, happy, and comfortable.

When Geoff and Shannon Graham saw that their young son was suffering from eczema and wanted to find a way to get him relief, they created their own skincare brand, Graham’s Natural Alternatives.

Geoff Graham is no stranger to the pain and irritation that comes with having eczema. Although statistics say one in every ten people will develop eczema in their lifetime, Geoff’s situation was unique.

As a baby, he had one of the worst recorded cases of eczema recorded at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Eventually, Geoff outgrew his extreme eczema issues and could move on from the pain he suffered as an infant. When he started having kids with his wife, Shannon, they noticed that their son Ryan had begun showing signs of eczema when he was around three to four months old. 

A few months later, Ryan had a terrible case of eczema, similar to his father. Red, irritated patches would show up all over his skin.

Knowing they didn’t want their son to go through what Geoff did, he and Shannon spent hours in their kitchen, mixing creams and researching natural ingredients to help soothe Ryan’s flare-ups. 

After 12 months of research and trials with different natural ingredients, Geoff and Shannon finally created a skin cream that improved their son’s skin tremendously.

In 2000, they founded their skincare company, Graham’s Natural Alternatives, and named their miraculous product ‘C+ Eczema & Dermatitis Cream.’

IRINA – – illustrative purposes only

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