Bonsai Trees Are Supposed To Represent Luck, And They Also Make Marvelous Interior Decorations, So If You Would Like To Have One In Your Home, Here’s What You Need To Know

If temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, put your bonsai in an outdoor sheltered location. If it gets any colder, it will become necessary to insulate the roots.

This can be done by either burying the pot in garden soil or covering the tree and pot with protective material, such as bubble wrap.

Furthermore, Japanese maple bonsai demand consistent fertilization to grow successfully. During the warmer months, feed the tree every other week with an organic bonsai fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer also works just as well. In the fall, opt for a nitrogen-free fertilizer and reduce the number of times you fertilize.

When it comes to pruning and wiring, remember bonsai is an art form and should be done with meticulous care.

Wire the tree in the summertime to shape its branches. Don’t keep the wires on for more than six months. Also, pinch back new shoots frequently during the warmer months to encourage branching.

You’ll need to trim back the leaves as well to maintain the plant’s aesthetic. Save any heavy pruning for when the colder weather comes.

Although Japanese maple bonsai are meant to be grown outdoors, you can bring it inside for a bit to show off to guests!

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