He Bought His Ex-Wife A Dog, And Now After Not Hearing From Her For 6 Months, She’s Asking Him To Pay For Her Dog’s Expensive Surgery

DGC - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This guy’s ex-wife desperately wanted to own a purebred dog back when they were still married to one another.

He did his best to convince his ex that she should rescue a purebred dog, but she absolutely refused to do that.

He then thought maybe he would get her to adopt a non-purebred dog from a shelter since he says they’re usually healthier than something that’s inbred.

But no, his wife still said she wasn’t interested in doing anything that he suggested because she had her heart set on a very particular breed of dog, and she didn’t want to consider any other dog than that, let alone a rescued one.

“This particular breed is famously bad at breathing,” he explained. “I could afford it, so I finally gave in. I got her the dog she wanted. He was never “our” dog.”

“He was “her” dog. Unless it was unpleasant outside. Then I had to walk him. I also paid all the vet bills and dog-related bills.”

“When we divorced, she took her dog with her. No kids, thank god, so no child support. No spousal support either.”

He has not heard anything from his ex-wife in the past 6 months at all. But then, she just reached out to him to say that her dog is very sick.

Her dog needs to have a very expensive and elaborate surgery, so she’s expecting him to cough up the cash for this.

DGC – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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