He Went On A Date With A Girl Who Stole His Wallet And Then Tried To Pretend She Found It On The Floor

He asked his date where his wallet was, and she said she hadn’t seen it while trying to kick her purse under the table slyly.

So, he got up and found their waitress to ask if she had seen his wallet. She said yes and saw his ‘friend’ pick it up and put it in her purse while he was away.

The waitress had thought his date was keeping the wallet safe, but no. Instead, she was trying to steal it.

He leaned in and secretly asked the waitress if she could walk up to their table and say she had to call the police to report the missing wallet, hoping his date would hand it right over.

He returned to his table, acting like he was still looking for it, when the waitress brought the manager over to explain that they had called the police and the cops would need to search the restaurant.

That’s when he noticed his date attempt a lousy sleight of hand trick, pretending to look around on the floor when she was really digging his wallet out of her purse. Finally, she gave him the wallet asking if it was his, saying she had “found it” on the floor.

He wanted to leave right then and there, but the food had arrived at their table. He got up to speak to the manager, who had actually called the police, so now he had to talk to a few cops.

He signaled to his date that he’d be right back and explained the situation to the cops outside. He told them what happened and that he wasn’t planning to press any charges; he just wanted to leave.

The cops told him to “take off,” so he got in his car but realized he hadn’t paid for his food.

“So I’m stiffing the waitress and the manager as well, as you know, committing a crime here,” he explained.

So, he decided to head back into the restaurant to pay the manager for his food and escape secretly. But, as he was waiting to pay, his date stood behind him with her things and a to-go box of food. That’s when he realized he still owed her a ride back to his house so she could get her car.

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