She’s A Young Mom Of 12, And She’s Answering Questions Such As Are People Rude To Her When She Takes All Of Her Kids Out In Public, And Does Giving Birth Ever Get Easier?

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Having and raising one child is a feat that’s demanding enough as it is. Now imagine having twelve kids.

That’s twelve phone lines, twelve college funds, and twelve of pretty much everything. How does one do it?

One 33-year-old woman named Britni Church (@ourlargefamilylife) is a mom of twelve, and she does it every day. And she’s getting on TikTok to talk about how people treat her for having such a large litter.

The family lives in a small rural town in Kansas and is composed of five girls and seven boys. Britni had her first child at the age of sixteen.

Ever since then, she has been consistently pregnant until this year. Her most recent pregnancy resulted in triplet boys.

One TikTok user asked her if people are often rude and unhelpful to her when she takes all of her kids out in public.

Britni revealed that it is rare for them to have everyone out together at once and that she has had a hard time accepting help from others in the past.

“One thing triplets has done is humble me so much because there are times where I literally can’t do it by myself,” said Britni.

Before, she would’ve been extremely embarrassed and mad at herself for needing someone to help her with the kids.

nataliaderiabina – – illustrative purposes only

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