Her Daughter Wouldn’t Stop Bullying A Girl At Her Private School With Less Money Than Them, So She Pulled Her Out And Put Her In Public School As Punishment, And Her Husband Thinks This Is Too Harsh

Utkamandarinka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This mom has 4 children, and her youngest child, Maria, is 15-years-old. She admits that she and her husband “spoiled” Maria “to a fault.”

She and her husband were both incredibly poor growing up, but by the time they had children, they were pretty wealthy.

So, they really wanted to give their children everything they never had when they were younger, and now she realizes that was a big error on their part.

“Maria goes to a private school, the private school she goes to has options for discounts and funding for lower-income families whose children excel academically or are seen as having high potential,” she explained.

“Maria was caught on multiple occasions bullying one of the girls who were accepted on funding.”

“And I, on multiple occasions, have tried addressing her actions in various ways, such as getting her to personally apologize, volunteering at food drives.”

“I even changed her whole wardrobe of brand named clothes out for 2nd hand and older clothes, which she somehow managed to get her friends to wear similar clothes and changed it into a little trend (at public settings and social media as she wears uniforms at school).”

Despite her intervention, Maria kept on bullying this poor girl, and this girl now wants to drop out of the private school completely.

When she found out about this, she informed the girl’s mom and dad that she was not alright with that.

Utkamandarinka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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