Her Family Is Left Feeling Offended After She Referred To Her Husband As The Most Important Person In Her Life During Her Speech At Their Wedding

Her family firmly believes that you should side with your blood relatives over anyone else. Unfortunately, her husband’s family shares the same mentality. 

So as you can imagine, when she got up to make a speech on her wedding day and called her husband her “greatest love” and the “most important person in her life,” her family and friends were unhappy. They all were offended.

“We’ve been bombarded with guilt-tripping words from our families of how wrong it is for us to put each other first and consider each other the most important person,” she explained. 

Her friends accused her of lying about not being able to compare their relationships, and her family told her she was tossing them aside. Now, all the emotional bombarding from both sides is making her feel like she did something wrong. 

Did she do anything wrong by saying those things during her wedding speech?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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