His Son Is No Longer Allowed At Family Dinners Because Of How Picky He Is

bernardbodo - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man has a nine-year-old son who has an avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, also known as ARFID.

Children with ARFID are known to be extremely picky eaters who only eat a limited variety of meals. And unfortunately, this can have severe impacts on their growth and nutrition.

His son, in particular, has been working with a slew of therapists in various areas. But, battling ARFID is a slow process, and his son still has very few “safe foods.” Plus, the foods that his son is able to eat are mostly highly processed “junk food.”

“He used to have more safe foods. But, when they change or taste different, he will no longer eat it,” he explained.

“He ate one sour grape seven years ago and still cries at the thought of eating another. It’s bad.”

Well, recently, his son did reach one major milestone. His son is now able to eat out in public again and is ecstatic about it. They have mostly eaten at McDonald’s so far, but it is still a public place nonetheless.

Plus, this milestone meant that his son could rejoin their family dinners. For context, he, his wife, and his son would always attend family dinners with his wife’s extended family.

The dinners were a regular event and happened a few times each month. But, after he realized that eating in groups was making his son worse, they decided to stop going.

Now, though, his son was ready to get back to eating with the family. So, his wife decided to call her sister and ask if they could rejoin the family dinners again.

bernardbodo – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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