Her Friend Accused Her Of Trying To Steal Her Boyfriend After She Showed Up To Meet Him In A Dress Her Friend Thought Was Too Short

When it was time to choose her outfit, she chose a dress she wanted to wear on a date. She had separate plans to meet with her boyfriend for dinner after meeting her friend and her boyfriend, so she figured it would all work out. She finished her look with the same amount of makeup she wore every day and headed out.

Unfortunately, her friend was less than pleased with what she wore when she got to the bar.

“When I arrived to the bar to meet my friend and her boyfriend, she was immediately upset,” she explained. “She pulled me aside and accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend. I told her she was being ridiculous; I hadn’t even said more than a ‘hi’ before she flew off the handle.”

Her friend was very standoff-ish for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, she ended up having a nice and friendly conversation with her friend’s boyfriend since they grew up in the same part of town.

She originally planned to stay with them at the bar for two hours, but because of her friend’s behavior, she only stayed for an hour before leaving to meet up with her boyfriend. 

The next day, her friend texted her angrily and said she was hurt that she decided to “dress hot” in front of her new boyfriend.

“She thinks I purposely tried to make her look bad in front of her new boyfriend,” she said. “I said she was insane because I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years and don’t want anything to do with hers. She is still extremely upset and won’t talk to me even after I tried to make amends.”

Did she do anything wrong, or is her friend insecure?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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