Her Mom Has Been Staying With Her In Her Cramped House, But Since Her Mom Is Making No Effort To Find Her Own Place, She Told Her It’s Time To Go

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If you’ve ever lived with one or both of your parents during some portion of your adult years, you know how difficult it can be.

One woman is unsure of what to do after her widowed mother pressured her to allow her to live in her house with her family.

She’s 30 years old and lives in a small three-bedroom house with her husband and two young kids. Her mom is 67 years old and has been struggling since her dad passed away this January. 

Her mom knew once her husband passed away, she wanted to retire, sell their house, and move closer to her and her family. Her mom lives about 40 minutes away, so she and her husband stepped in to help her with her plan.

“My husband and I spent many hours over multiple weekends to help her declutter, dispose of, donate, and sort of all of the contents of her large three-bedroom house,” she explained.

In addition to cleaning out her mom’s house, she and her husband also helped her get her finances in order since her dad always dealt with the bills. Overall, she and her husband have been very supportive and involved in helping her mom through the difficult life transition.

Her mom eventually asked her and her husband if she could temporarily stay with them if her house were sold while she was still apartment hunting. They said yes, but also noted that since their house was already cramped, she could only stay for a few weeks to a month before going to stay with someone else. 

At first, her mom was grateful for their offer but then started interrogating them and asking why she wouldn’t be able to stay with them longer and why they didn’t “want” her to stay. 

Then, she and her husband discovered that her mom had barely made any effort to find an apartment. She had only submitted three to four applications for units in apartment buildings with lengthy waiting lists.

2ragon – – illustrative purposes only

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