Her Twin Sister Is Demanding That She Agree To Be A Guardian Of Their Younger Disabled Sister Because It’s Too Much For Her To Handle Alone

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When your parents pass away, your entire life changes, especially if your parents leave you responsible for something after their passing. 

One woman is having difficulty with her twin sister after being asked to become the guardians of their disabled sister before both of their parents passed away. 

She’s 40 years old and has two sisters. One is her twin sister, and her younger sister is 35.

Her twin is a single mom of three kids, and her younger sister lives in a group home as she has Down syndrome and autism. 

Years ago, her parents asked her and her twin if they would become the legal guardians of their younger sister. They tried to make the situation seem like it would be easy since she does live in a group home.

However, being someone’s guardian comes with a lot of responsibility. They’d have to make big decisions regarding their sister and stay on top of her affairs, appointments, etc. 

She knew becoming her sister’s guardian would require a lot of work and stress, so she said no. However, her twin sister agreed to do it.

She tried to warn her sister just how difficult it would be, not wanting to discourage her from taking on the job, but so she’d be prepared. In response, her twin would scoff and accuse her of exaggerating.

Six months ago, both of her parents died, and her twin has been the guardian of their younger sister. Their parents left her twin a larger portion of their inheritance for taking on the role, which she had no qualms about.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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