He’s About To Meltdown On The Vacation He’s On With His Girlfriend Because She Won’t Stop Complaining

stevanzz-, illustrative purposes only

Have you ever gone on a vacation with someone you thought would be the perfect person to go on adventures with but actually ended up being a buzzkill?

One man has declared that he is on the verge of a meltdown while on what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation with his girlfriend in Italy.

He’s been with his girlfriend for three years and recently booked them a two-week vacation in Italy. It was supposed to be a romantic and relaxing trip for them, and he’s been looking forward to it for a while. 

However, he started losing his mind only eight hours into their trip.

“My girlfriend has done nothing but complain,” he explained. 

His girlfriend has been complaining and making a fuss over every minute detail from the moment they started getting ready for their flight. For instance, once his girlfriend saw that the weather forecast mentioned the day would be a bit cloudy, she freaked out.

For some reason, his girlfriend complaining over the weather forecast was just the start of a lousy first day abroad.

After getting off their long flight, he and his girlfriend went to pick up a rental car. She began nagging him and judging his driving skills. Then, they got to their hotel, a beautiful property on the famous Lake Como.

She opened up the hotel room window and immediately started talking about how she was unhappy with how they could see a dock from their hotel window. 

stevanzz-, illustrative purposes only

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