He’s Breaking Down The Different Ways That Men Dress And Act On Dates, So You Can Recognize Which Ones Are Red Flags

Nicola Katie/, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Here’s one tip for knowing right at the get-go if your date is going to be a bust: evaluate him by his personal style choices. TikTok creator Gabriel Mor, @morgabrielmor, is breaking down the different ways that men dress and act on dates and which ones should register as massive red flags for you.

“Ladies! If he’s wearing any one of these outfits on a date–you know what you’ve got to do,” he started out in his video. “That’s a runner.”

That phrase became a tagline throughout the video whenever Gabriel thought that an outfit or personal choice was suspicious and that women should therefore run away–fast.

The first shirt that he showed as one which should signal a problematic man is a black t-shirt with the faded grey vertical American flag.

“If he’s got one or more of these kinds of shirts, I mean honestly, he’s probably on a no-flight list,” he said. “But you know what else he is? That’s a runner.”

The next red flag is any man who walks around smelling like Giorgio Armani. One of his most popular colognes, Acqua Di Gio, is also popular amongst sketchy men, according to Gabriel.

“If he smells like Acqua Di Gio, you’ve got to aqua di go,” he said mockingly. “That’s a no.”

Apparently, if they’re carrying around sports equipment everywhere they go, that isn’t a good sign either. It’s even worse when the sport is something that doesn’t require much physical exertion.

“He’s got a pool stick bag and brings his pool sticks everywhere,” he said. “No. That’s eight ball corner. That’s a runner. Also, if he’s a fashionable urban man aiming the billiard ball by holding the sticks behind his back, that’s a runner.”

Nicola Katie/, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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