His Dogsitter Completed A $3,000 Bathroom Renovation Without Permission While He And His Wife Were Away On Their Honeymoon

Eva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Whenever this 27-year-old guy and his wife head out of town, they always hire their same dog and house sitter named Danielle, who is in her thirties.

They first hired Danielle via a dog-sitting app over one year ago. And since then, they have continued using her since she is reportedly wonderful with their dogs and always goes above and beyond when working for him and his wife.

“One of the things she does is try and always have our house spotless when we come home. We’ve tried to tell her that she doesn’t need to do all that, but she always insists,” he explained.

That’s why he and his wife always make sure to leave Danielle a generous tip. After all, she helps give them such peace of mind when they’re away, knowing that their dogs and home are well-cared for.

But, they only ever met Danielle in person once, when she first visited their home prior to dog sitting for the first time. And since then, they have only ever communicated via text message.

Regardless, the dog sitter still really enjoys texting his wife– because apparently, they have similar interests, such as interior design.

Danielle even has her own interior design business, too, which is why she often texts his wife about her work and suggests projects that could be completed in his house.

However, he detailed how the text conversations are pretty one-sided. His wife doesn’t respond as often simply because she is not a great texter and also doesn’t have a very close relationship with Danielle.

Plus, he and his wife would always decline any interior design offers from the dog sitter since they had only recently tied the knot and, after planning a wedding and honeymoon, did not have a ton of spare cash lying around.

Eva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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