His Fiancée Pushed For Them To Move Into A More Expensive Apartment, But She Just Admitted That She Has No Money To Pay For It And Her Bank Account Is In The Negative

In contrast, he has always been very financially comfortable, and he has a good amount of money saved up.

As his fiancée was coming clean to him about her financial status, she began sobbing uncontrollably while admitting she’s scared about not being able to afford the rent on their new apartment.

He attempted to calm her down by saying he considers them to be a team, so if he needs to pay more money for their rent, he will step up and do this. Also, prior to this, they always split everything in half.

“I should point out that two months ago, she told me she wanted to look for a new job because she didn’t like her current job, so I proposed that from now on, we sit down once per week to look over everything we both spent and see what we should do and that she should also look for a new job (since she had mentioned wanting a new job),” he said.

“She was extremely offended by me suggesting for her to look for a new job, but of course, I’m very upset because I do not know what she was thinking when she signed the new (much more expensive) lease if she knew she had no money.”

“Am I supposed to pay all the difference in rent just cause I have more money, and she simply omitted the fact that she can’t pay the new rent? Or what would be the reasonable solution here?”

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