If You’re Looking For A Non-Toxic, Natural Remedy For Eradicating Weeds From Your Garden, Consider Salt

You can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture or simply pour the saltwater solution from a container.

After covering the weeds with your homemade herbicide, water your other plants to dilute any saltwater that might have made it near them.

Other non-toxic ways to eliminate weeds include household vinegar, boiling water, and fire. Vinegar should be used the same way as salt water; sparingly and with the utmost care.

Boiling water can also be effective, and it won’t alter the soil’s pH, but if you’re not careful, you can damage your plants. Lastly, fire can be used to burn weeds. However, it won’t be able to control the growth of perennial weeds.

Always exercise caution when handling any type of herbicide or practicing a weed-killing method.

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