If You’re Looking For Something New And Exciting To Do With Hot Dogs, Check Out This Recipe Courtesy Of Snoop Dogg

natapetrovich - - illustrative purposes only

Like pigs in a blanket for your finger food? Try this upgraded version from Snoop Dogg!

The best part? It’s still super easy, quick to make, and delicious!

TikToker Taryn shared Snoop Dogg’s recipe from his cookbook “From Crook to Cook,” where he called the dish “Doggs in a Blanket” on her account @lifeandsprinkles. So let’s see what the rapper’s got!

The ingredients you will need:

1. Hot dogs (of course)
2. Jalapeño
3. Crescent roll dough (NOT croissant dough!)
4. Shredded cheddar cheese

“It is my favorite recipe in this cookbook,” Taryn said. “And my favorite hot dogs of all time.”

First, slice the hot dogs in the middle to create space for stuffed cheese. Then, make sure you shred your cheddar cheese before stuffing it in.

Then, spread out the crescent roll dough (you can get it from the Pillsbury can) and peel each one off.

Of course, the first thing you would need to put in the dough is the jalapeño, but remember to cut them into thin strings unless you want to have a huge chunk of spice in your mouth—just kidding.

natapetrovich – – illustrative purposes only

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