On A Second Date With A Girl, She Took Off All Of Her Clothes In His Car And Expected Him To Drive Her Around Like That In Public

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When you’re single and actively dating, you might think you’ve seen it all before. But you’d be wrong because this dating story is probably the strangest yet.

TikToker Max (@max.baddate) was in for a surprise when his date took off all of her clothes in front of him while in public.

For his second date with this girl, they decided to go to Chicago and visit the Lincoln Park Zoo. While they were at the zoo, it started raining a bit.

When the rain petered out, they headed to the Old Town neighborhood in the city to check out the stores and bars.

They found a parking spot and walked about eight blocks when it began pouring rain. Of course, Max and his date were drenched.

They took shelter under some canopies, trying to figure out what they should do next. Eventually, they determined that returning to the car was the best thing to do.

They ran all the way there and got settled in the car. Max took off his jacket, and they just sat and talked, waiting for the weather to let up and their clothes to dry off.

Suddenly, Max looked over and realized his date had removed all her clothes. He quickly looked away and apologized, stating he didn’t know she was getting dressed.

It turned out she just wanted to take off all her clothes because they were soaking wet, and it wasn’t a big deal for her to sit there completely naked.

proimagecontent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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