She Faked A Work Emergency To Get Out Of A Wedding After The Bride Began Sobbing Because She Didn’t Have A Seat Or Food For Her

The bride was shocked that her boyfriend had brought someone. She and her fiancé must have assumed that because he broke up with the girlfriend, he was with when they first got engaged, he wasn’t bringing a plus-one anymore.

As they walked away from the bride and groom, she heard the bride panic and talk about how they didn’t prepare a seat or food for her at the reception.

The bride got so stressed about her being there and not being prepared that she started crying.

The bride cried for about two hours and sat in a corner, getting consoled by her maid of honor. The groom tried to reassure her and her boyfriend that everything was fine, but it clearly wasn’t, and she felt extremely uncomfortable.

She decided she needed to get out of there, so she pretended to take a serious phone call and told everyone she had a work-related emergency back at home she had to attend to immediately.

“I apologized to the groom and bride, who stopped crying enough to say it was lovely to meet me,” she recalled. “I then got a taxi and a train home.”

When her boyfriend got home after the wedding the following Monday, he became livid once he found out she had lied about having a work emergency.

Although she said she simply wanted to stop stressing out the bride, he was upset that she left him on his own.

He also said that her leaving made a terrible first impression on his friends, as they all thought she prioritized work over meeting everybody at the wedding.

“I thought I was helping the situation by not being there and stressing out the wedding party,” she added.

“I said work emergency because, for a family emergency, my boyfriend would have felt obligated to come with me, and I wanted him to stay and enjoy the wedding.”

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