She Got Into A Fight With Her Ex-Husband After Telling Him That She And Their Kids Didn’t Want To Go To A Mother’s Day Brunch His New Wife Put Together - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As if being in a blended family wasn’t difficult enough, drama over planning holidays can make everything more stressful. 

One woman recently fought with her ex-husband after telling him she and their kids don’t want to go to a Mother’s Day brunch his new wife is hosting.

She’s 34-years-old and has a very interesting family life. She married her husband, Tim, when she was in her 20s. Tim has two children from his marriage with his first wife, Tara. Their names are Billy and Charlotte. 

At first, she and Tara had a rocky relationship, but they became a lot closer when she and Tim started having their own kids. They have a son and daughter together, Adam and Maggie.

“Tara and I had some difficulty at the beginning, but when I became a mom myself, we had more in common, and we began to build an actual relationship,” she remembered.

“Unfortunately, that relationship was cut short when Tara got sick and passed three years ago.”

Before Tara passed away, she asked her to look after her kids and treat them as her own, so she became very close and protective of Billy and Charlotte. 

Unfortunately, she and Tim couldn’t work things out in their marriage, and their family had to split up. The stress of having four kids started getting to them, and she found out that Tim was spending a little too much time with his coworker, Amanda.

Tim ended up marrying Amanda, who has a son named Robbie, and Billy and Charlotte live with him. They have split custody of Adam and Maggie. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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