She Literally Told Her Friend That She’s Not More Important Than Other Things She Has Going On In Her Life, Like Going To Grad School Or Her Pet

eric - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is about to begin what she says is a “fairly prestigious” graduate program, and it’s all happening in just a couple of months.

She has really worked incredibly hard to get into this program, and really nothing in her life is more important to her than this.

Not that long ago, she was chit-chatting with one of her closest friends, and she has known this friend of hers for pretty much half of her life.

“My friend does not put the same value on education that I do, and that’s fine,” she explained.

“Different strokes for different folks. However, she makes comments about the privilege of school and questions the validity of this path in terms of financial solvency.”

It was just a week ago when she and her friend were having a discussion, and when she brought up that she wouldn’t have time to hang out with her after starting grad school, her friend was worried.

She then informed her friend that she really would have zero free time on top of going to school and meeting other obligations in her life.

Her friend just replied back to her that you can always find a way to create time for anything that is super important in your life.

While she does somewhat agree with this sentiment, she doesn’t feel that it really applies to her or her life at this point in time.

eric – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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