She Returned The PS5 She Got For Her Boyfriend’s Birthday After He And His Friends Insulted Her Dating History

etonastenka -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, Mike, who is 27, for four years. And since it was Mike’s birthday two days ago, she decided to dip into her savings to buy him a new PS5 as a present.

Apparently, that was the only thing her boyfriend claimed to want for his special day. So Mike basically knew he would be getting a PS5, and being that they’d been together for a while, the cost did not matter to her.

“That was until I found out what he thought about me,” she revealed.

For context, back when she was 18 years old and just dipping her toe into the dating pool, she started dating a guy she met online named Jake.

They only went out for about three months before they ended things. Then, she moved on and wound up meeting a different guy at work named Adam.

Well, she did not find out until months afterward that Jake and Adam were actually best friends. Since she didn’t know Jake long enough to get introduced to his friend group, she simply had no idea.

Anyway, after that news was uncovered, she just decided to take a break from dating. And two years later, she eventually met Mike, her current boyfriend.

When they first entered a relationship, she was upfront about her past, too, and admitted to getting unintentionally involved with guys who happened to be best friends.

Still, at the time, Mike claimed that her past didn’t bother him. That’s why they moved on and have been in a great relationship ever since.

etonastenka –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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