She Started Rescuing Dogs Back In 1943, And She Saved Around 500 Or 600 Four-Legged Friends In Her Lifetime

Nataliya_Ost - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Have you ever wished you could care for as many stray or rescue dogs as possible? As a dog lover, I know that whenever I see a dog needing a home, I wish I could take it into my care.

Well, one woman who lived in England decades ago did precisely that.

If you’re an animal lover, perhaps you’ve heard of Kate Ward, otherwise known as ‘Camberley Kate,’ the English woman who paraded the streets of Camberley with spare dogs she took into her care.

In 1943, Kate Ward moved into a cottage in Yorktown, Camberley. Not long after moving in, she noticed a little dog on the front steps of a vet’s office that was about to be put down because of an injury. She took him into her home and gave him a lovely life.

Little did Kate know that dog would be the first of hundreds of stray and abandoned dogs she would take in.

Word got around that Kate was willing to take in homeless dogs in honor of the first dog she rescued, and before long, people began dropping them off at her house, and she’d continue to rescue them from off the street.

Kate took care of all the dogs herself and received donations for supplies from supportive community members.

In a documentary BBC made on Kate’s life, a local veterinarian who offered her support stated that the dogs Kate took in were extremely well groomed and fed and were very healthy, even more so than the average pet dogs he’d seen.

The dogs needed their exercise, so every day, Kate would walk tons of dogs at once. She had an olive green cart on which she painted the words ‘ward stray dogs.’

Nataliya_Ost – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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