She Was A True Trailblazer Who Ended Up Founding The Girl Scouts

Were you a Girl Scout as a kid? Being a Girl Scot is an excellent way for young women to learn survival skills, how to participate in charity projects, and of course, allows them to sell some delicious cookies.

But do you know the woman who founded the Girl Scouts?

Her name was Juliette Gordon Low, and she was quite the trailblazer.

Juliette was born to an affluent family in Savannah, Georgia, in 1860. She was one of six children and commonly referred to as Daisy in her family. Growing up, Juliette loved art and poetry. She participated in performances with her cousins, who founded their own newspaper together. 

While she was a student, Juliette founded the Happy Hands Club, which was dedicated to helping others. 

In 1886, Juliette married William Mckay Low, who was born in Savannah but lived in England. After they married, she moved to England with him, and they socialized amongst many aristocratic British families.

Although their marriage ultimately failed, Savannah used the money she had received from William to purchase her own home in the early 1900s. William passed away before they could finalize a divorce. 

In 1911, at a social gathering in England, Juliette met Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts. She was so inspired by his organization and wanted something similar for young girls. So in Scotland, she ran a troop of “Girl Guides,” who would eventually be known as Girl Scouts. 

Juliette ran multiple Girl Guides troops in Europe before bringing the organization to the United States in 1912. She wanted to encourage young American girls to learn self-sufficiency and embrace their passions.

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