She’s A Young Mom Of 12, And She’s Answering Questions Such As Are People Rude To Her When She Takes All Of Her Kids Out In Public, And Does Giving Birth Ever Get Easier?

But now, she’s just thankful whenever anyone offers assistance. In her experience, the people in their small town have all been nothing but nice to Britni and her family.

Another user asked her if giving birth ever got any easier. She admitted that she was utterly terrified each of the twelve times she had been in labor. But the pain was always worth it for the kids.

“I feel like it gets easier in the sense that you know what to expect. Then again, every birth is different,” Britni explained.

Many moms of big families are chiming in via the comments section about their experiences with labor and delivery.

“Each birth is definitely different. I’ve had 12 children as well. The after-birth contractions, though!! They got worse after every baby,” declared one user.

“I knew what to expect, but it wasn’t easier. My first birth was definitely easier than my second,” stated another.

Although taking care of twelve kids may be difficult, Britni wouldn’t trade her life with anyone else’s.


Replying to @paizlee_ I think most people are nice #tripletmom #triplets #thechurchtriplets

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