Her Niece’s School Nurse Got Upset Because She Didn’t Disclose She Was A Doctor Upon Visiting The Nurse’s Office

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A few days ago, this 29-year-old woman planned to pick her 7-year-old niece, Sophie, up from elementary school. Then, they were supposed to spend the afternoon together.

Once she actually arrived at her niece’s school, though, Sophie got so excited to see her that she started running.

And unfortunately, while racing to see her, Sophie accidentally tripped, fell down, and bruised her knee.

At that point, her niece apparently burst into tears, and she was forced to immediately bring Sophie to the nurse’s office.

Afterward, she met the nurse– who was a woman in her early twenties. And thankfully, the nurse was able to calm Sophie down and help clean and dress the knee wound.

Now, for context, she has apparently told her niece a lot about her work as a doctor in the past. That’s why her niece is pretty knowledgeable about medicine and wound up asking whether the knee wound was going to need stitches.

“And if so, how many and what kind,” she added.

Sophie’s question thoroughly impressed the school nurse, too– who wound up showing her niece a few pieces of medical equipment. Then, the nurse asked if Sophie wanted to be a nurse like her.

It was at that moment that her niece responded no, and instead revealed how she wanted to be a doctor just like her aunt.

ajr_images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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