She’s Detailing A Horrible Conversation She Had With A Man Who Implied That She Didn’t Live An Active Lifestyle Because Of Her Size

leungchopan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman on TikTok is calling out a guy who matched with her on Hinge for being fatphobic.

TikTok user @heyclarerea is a plus-sized model based in New York, and she’s detailing a horrible conversation she had on Hinge with a man who had the audacity to imply that she did not live an active lifestyle because of her size.

So the guy had actually instigated the match and opened the conversation with an odd question:

“Are you ok with a BF with an active lifestyle (hiking, camping, swimming, rowing) – you’d have to be part of at least half of that.”

@Heyclarerea displayed a screen grab of the text conversation in the video. She described how the guy had liked a full-body photo of hers that was on Instagram, then went into why she had her Instagram linked to Hinge.

“First of all, he liked a picture that’s not on my Hinge. I have my Instagram attached to it because I don’t want anybody ever to be like, ‘I didn’t know you were curvy; I was catfished,'” she explained.

She responded to his question by informing him that she did, in fact, live a pretty active lifestyle herself.

“I was a professional dancer before I was a model, and my measurements have to stay within a quarter of an inch of where they are now for my agency, so my gym membership is a write-off, haha,” her text read.

Then, he tried to backtrack and save himself by claiming that the only reason he asked was that if she got too skinny, she might lose her job.

leungchopan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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