This Heart Of Palm Pasta Recipe Is Healthy And Only Requires 15 Minutes Of Your Time To Make

TikTok - @jenneatsgoood

Listen up, pasta lovers! There’s a new pasta in town. Hearts of palm pasta has been all the rage lately. So if you’ve been meaning to try it out, here’s your sign to do so because we’ve got an easy, healthy fifteen-minute dinner idea that only requires five ingredients plus a few spices.

TikTok user Jenn (@jenneatsgoood) describes herself as a picky eater, and these plant-based noodles are a marvelous way to increase any finicky eater’s vegetable intake.

“Here is a dinner I make when I want something satisfying and nourishing, but I also don’t want to spend that much time cooking,” she said in the introduction of her video.

Hearts of palm pasta is different from your typical pasta noodle. It is made from the hearts, or cores, of the cabbage palm tree, which grows in Ecuador, Florida, and South Carolina.

To turn them into something resembling noodles, the hearts are cut into linguine-like strands.

What is so special about this pasta compared to the good ol’ fettuccine or bow-tie noodles? Well, for starters, hearts of palm pasta is low-carb, grain-free, and an excellent alternative for those eating a keto diet.

It also does not include a lot of additives. The only ingredients used to make this pasta are usually just water, a bit of salt, and of course, the hearts of the palm trees.

In a comment, Jenn describes the heart of palm pasta as a mix between spaghetti squash and regular spaghetti. Hearts of palm pasta can be found at Trader Joe’s, which is where Jenn picked up a package. So here’s how to prepare it.

First, heat up a large pan and add some olive oil. Next, toss in a bunch of cherry tomatoes and allow them to cook down a bit.

Then, add some fresh garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes. Once the tomatoes are soft, add a large handful of spinach and more olive oil. Finally, add the noodles.

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