She’s Sharing A Story About An Entitled Influencer Who Demanded Free Drinks At Her Bar

Kondor83 - - illustrative purposes only

Do you think influencer culture has gotten out of hand? Nowadays, it seems that any good-looking person with a large following on social media thinks they deserve special treatment for being a “celebrity.”

A TikToker and bartender named Michelle (@michellebellexo) is sharing a story about an incident that happened a few months ago involving an entitled social media influencer who demanded free drinks.

So two girls had walked into the bar at around 4:30 PM. The bar had opened thirty minutes ago, and there was only one other person inside.

Michelle noted that the girls were very pretty. They wanted to start a tab but refused to give Michelle a card to pay for their drinks because hardly anyone was in the bar at all.

Michelle informed them that it was their policy. After giving her a little bit of attitude, the girls finally handed over a card.

Then, they went outside and started taking pictures in front of the building, which Michelle paid no mind to. They entered the bar again to order another drink, heading back outside afterward.

Forty-five minutes later, they decided to leave. But they stopped Michelle before she could run their card and charge them for the drinks.

They told Michelle they didn’t think they should have to pay for the drinks. Confused, Michelle asked if there had been anything wrong with the drinks, which seemed unlikely since the girls had consumed every drop.

Then, one of the girls bragged that she had a large social media following on Instagram and that she would tag the bar in her posts.

Kondor83 – – illustrative purposes only

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