She’s Fed Up With Her Younger Brother For Always Driving Her Car Without Her Permission

lightpoet - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s no secret that when someone repeatedly borrows or uses something of yours without asking, it’s a real pain, especially when it’s something valuable and expensive, like a car.

One young woman is fed up with her younger brother driving her car without her permission to the point where she’s threatening to report it as stolen if he takes it again.

She’s 19 years old and bought herself her very first car as a birthday gift this year. She’s so happy to have her car, especially because she lives in the countryside and needs to commute to school every day.

She paid 90% of the price of the car with the money she made herself by working. The other 10% was paid for with money she had received over holidays and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays from friends and family. 

She has an 18-year-old brother who was lucky enough to be gifted a car of his own about a year before she bought hers. However, for some reason, he always takes hers out without her permission.

Her brother claimed that since she used a little bit of the money he had given her for her birthday to pay for the car, he was also entitled to use it. She was confused as to why he wasn’t using his car as much, and when she confronted him, he said that her car was nicer. 

Her brother was frustrated because his car only has two seats while hers has four, so he likes to use her car when he hangs out with his friends.

“I told him to just ask before he uses it and to please fill the gas tank,” she said.

She also reminded her brother that she always has the right to use the car whenever she wants, even if it conflicts with his plans because it’s her car.

lightpoet- – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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