His Neighbor Totaled Her Car And Has Been Asking To Use His Car Ever Since, But Now He Feels That She’s Taking Advantage Of Him

gzorgz -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you own a car, have you ever lent it to someone who was going through a hard time or needed to borrow it for something important?

It’s a very nice thing to do, considering how expensive it is to own and maintain a car these days. But how would you feel if someone asked to borrow your car once and then eventually asked to use it almost daily?

One man is unsure of how to talk to his neighbor, who is a single mom that’s been using his car more often than he thought she would after she totaled hers in an accident.

He’s 38 years old, and his neighbor is a 45-year-old single mother to multiple kids. They live in a suburban neighborhood and have become friendly over the years they’ve known each other.

He owns a car but doesn’t use it as much as some people do since he works from home. On the other hand, his neighbor recently totaled her car in an accident and hasn’t had one for months. Unfortunately, she’s been struggling to get a new one due to financial issues.

“One day, she asked if she could borrow my car for a day for an emergency,” he recalled.

“I agreed, as it wasn’t a big deal for me. This, however, soon turned into a regular occurrence, with her asking to borrow my car almost every other day for various reasons.”

His neighbor has asked for his car to go grocery shopping, pick up her kids, attend various meetings, etc. 

At first, he didn’t mind loaning his neighbor his car, especially because he knew she needed it, and she used to keep it clean and fill up the gas tank.

gzorgz –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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