She’s Telling The Story About Her Wild Roommate Who Snuck Out Her Bedroom Window To Cheat On Her Boyfriend

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If you lived in a college dorm or moved to an apartment in a big city, chances are, you’ve had a roommate at least once in your life. If you’ve never had a single issue with any of your roommates, you’re extremely lucky.

Most people who have lived with a roommate have gone through a few bumps in the road in their living situation, and this woman’s story is no exception.

Taylor Mathis (@taylormathis117) is a sports journalist who recently took to TikTok to tell a story about a roommate she had early on in her career.

“Everyone’s had that wild, crazy roommate story,” says Taylor in her video.

“What I dealt with was insane.”

After Taylor graduated from college, she got a job offer to be a sports reporter for a television station in Nebraska. Her boss at the time put her in touch with another girl her age who would be working for the same TV station in case they wanted to be roommates.

Taylor and this girl met and got along, so they rented an apartment together. At first, everything was awesome. They had a lot in common, often went out together, and quickly became best friends.

One of the biggest things they had in common was that they were in long-distance relationships with their boyfriends. Taylor and her boyfriend eventually broke up not long after her move to Nebraska, but her roommate and her boyfriend stayed together for a while.

Her roommate’s boyfriend visited the apartment several times and seemed like a great guy.

EmotionPhoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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