She’s Wondering How Marriages Survive After Adding Children Because She Cannot Figure Out How To Make It Work With Her Husband Anymore

At night, her husband still doesn’t help her with the baby, either. And even though she has tried some different sleep training methods in an effort to get more sleep, they have not been successful.

So, she feels like she is in “survival mode,” and her husband is not responding to it well.

He has expressed wanting to get their physical relationship back to normal. But every time he touches her, she just feels angry and like she is being objectified.

It also seems to her that her husband just so happens to want to be close to her whenever she is upset or feeling her worst. However, whenever she tries to express her feelings, he just claims that she is “always upset.”

All of this had pushed her to realize that, in the past, she was able to ignore some things about her husband back when it was just the two of them navigating life together. But now that they have a child, her husband’s issues feel more obvious and even glaring.

For instance, she thinks he just is not a thoughtful person. Plus, he seems completely fine with letting her drown in the childcare.

At the same token, though, her husband reportedly feels the opposite. In fact, he believes that she discredits all of his contributions– even though she cannot remember ever discrediting him and is honestly confused why he thinks that.

She obviously appreciates that he works, but she isn’t sure how else to show her appreciation aside from telling her husband. Plus, she thinks she doesn’t have any time to do anything else to show her gratitude while caring for their baby.

Yet, her husband has reportedly said some passive-aggressive comments that hurt her feelings. And despite later claiming they were “jokes,” her husband admitted to acting like that since he felt discredited.

“So, I am honestly at a loss on how marriages survive having kids,” she vented.

She realizes that they are now in their seventh year of being in a relationship, and she claimed to have heard that milestone was tough for other couples, too.

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