In 2015, She Vanished Not Long After Someone Called 911 To Report That Her Boyfriend Kidnapped Her And Put Her In A Straitjacket

Facebook - pictured above is Megan

In 2014, Megan Foglesong was a 21-year-old living in Alden, Kansas, known among her loved ones as an energetic, kind, and happy-go-lucky young woman.

She was originally from Oneida, Illinois, but moved to Alden shortly before she mysteriously disappeared. Megan was also in a relationship with her boyfriend, David.

In December of that year, one of David’s friends– a woman named Kelly – placed a 911 call to report a crime. While speaking with authorities, Kelly claimed that David had kidnapped and placed Megan in a straitjacket. Additionally, David allegedly threatened to kill her.

This pushed authorities to interview both David and Megan. But, after speaking with the couple, the police report was apparently dismissed. At the time, Megan reportedly claimed that she was fine and had not been kidnapped.

Regardless, she was seemingly still shaken by that incident, which pushed her to move back home to Oneida, Illinois.

The pair reportedly had a tumultuous, off-and-on relationship. Even though they had broken up numerous times in the past, Megan and David kept getting back together.

So, by June 2015, Megan wound up moving back to Alden and reconciling her relationship with David once again– despite the dismay of her family and friends.

Afterward, it is believed that the last confirmed sighting of Megan was when she left David’s home on December 1, 2015. That day, the pair reportedly got into an argument, and Megan decided to leave.

Then, six days later, on December 7, 2015, a friend of Megan’s received a message from her– in which she said, “I’m fine.” However, it remains unclear whether or not Megan was really the person who sent that message.

Facebook – pictured above is Megan

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