This 6-Year-Old’s Very Specific Morning Routine Has People On TikTok Chuckling About What An Old Soul He Is

Many TikTok users had a field day in the comments section, joking about how Ayaan was more like a dad or uncle than a child in grade school. And some were impressed by the amount of focus he showed for someone so young.

“Does he also get mad when you touch the thermostat?” asked one user.

“I feel like he also reads the New York Times and has a Roth IRA account,” another pointed out.

“As a child therapist, I’m so happy he already has emotional regulation and coping mechanisms in place this young,” mentioned a third.

“This man is 45, and you can’t tell me anything else,” chimed in a fourth.


I was packing lunches for Ayaan & Alaïa and I look over at Ayaan just casually drinking his lemon & honey tea, and reading a new book. At first I laughed. Because…who does he think he is????. But then I realized that I’m glad he had this moment of calm and focus for himself before he starts his day at school. I Hope your day is off to a great start. Happy Monday TikTok Fam! ?? #morningtea #firstgrade #mondaymood #momsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #reading

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