She’s Talking About All The Different Cat Personalities, And There Are Actually 5 Types

Syda Productions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

Most people think that cats are all pretty much the same. They’re standoffish, elusive, and cannot be controlled. But actually, cats have unique and diverse characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

Research shows that cats have five major personality types. TikTok creator @svenandrobbie has three cats, and she’s talking about some of the different types of cat personalities in her video.

Number one is the human cat, which is considered the ideal personality to have in a pet. These cats are more warm, affectionate, and cuddly and enjoy being around their human.

However, they can also suffer more from separation anxiety. They might even get territorial and have a hard time adjusting to another pet in the home because they don’t like to share their human with others.

Number two is the cantankerous cat, the total opposite of the human cat. Cantankerous cats don’t like to be touched or picked up and appear to be grumpy at all times.

They are often on high alert and sensitive to their surroundings. These cats are more skittish, but at least they do well in the house even when you’re gone all day.

Number three is the hunter cat. The hunter cat is the most feral out of all the personality types. They spend most of their time pouncing, sneaking up on things, and searching for food.

If given access to the outdoors, they will most likely return home with a little critter in their mouths that they caught with their very own paws.

Number four is the cat’s cat. These cats love to spend time with their fellow felines. They are the ones you always see cuddling together and grooming each other.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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