This 6-Year-Old’s Very Specific Morning Routine Has People On TikTok Chuckling About What An Old Soul He Is

Olga Miltsova - - illustrative purposes only

One of the greatest blessings you can experience as a parent is to watch your child’s personality evolve and mature over the years.

However, in some cases, children skip acting like a youngster altogether and display traits that aren’t typical of kids their age. Some children are born wise beyond their years.

This 6-year-old’s very specific morning routine has TikTok users chuckling about what an old soul he is.

TikToker @alissa_360style is a mother of two kids, one of them being 6-year-old Ayaan. She shared a short video of her son getting ready for school.

“If you ever wondered how our 6-year-old @ayaandiop starts his day. It’s with drinking tea and reading a chapter book after he finishes his cereal at 6:30 AM!!” she wrote in the text overlay of the video.

In the clip, Ayaan is sitting in a chair, casually sipping from a mug of honey and lemon tea while reading a chapter book.

Apparently, he was taking the time to unwind a little after finishing the bowl of cereal he had for breakfast.

And another detail that makes this scene so funny is the fact that Ayaan was sporting an upturned collar on his polo shirt.

Wearing a popped collar was a fashion trend that went mainstream back in the eighties.

Olga Miltsova – – illustrative purposes only

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