This DIY Rack Doubles As A Perfect Solution For Kids And Their Dress Up Clothes Or As A Baby Shower Gift

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Baby shower gifts don’t have to be expensive cribs, car seats, or strollers. Chances are, the new parents you’re shopping for already have all those items. And you don’t want to get them a duplicate of something.

There are so many other fun ideas for baby shower gifts that aren’t so costly and are way more unique and thoughtful.

TikToker Kaylee Hanson (@kaymarhan) is showing you how to assemble the most adorable present ever–a DIY clothing rack that she gifted to her sister for her baby shower.

It’s extremely simple to put together and makes the perfect gift for any parent-to-be because it can be used to display the newborn’s tiny cute outfits.

All you need is a wooden crate, three wooden dowel rods, glue specifically made for wood and hangers.

Glue two rods on opposite sides on the inside of the crate. Then, attach the third rod across the top of the other two rods. This will be where the clothes are hung. You can also customize the mini closet by painting it a certain color or adding the baby’s name to it.

The crate serves as the base. As part of your gift, you can place pants, bibs, hats, and other items in the crate. Hang the rest of the clothes up on the hanging rod.

Make sure to get some clothes in bigger sizes. Clothes in newborn sizes are always in abundance at a baby shower, and the infant will grow out of them so fast they might not even get the chance to wear them all.

Gifting clothes that will fit a child aged three to six months and six to nine months will really help the parents out in the future, so they’ll have appropriate-sized clothing on hand.

Sidekick – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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