This Expert Bra Fitter Is Discussing What Type of Bra Some Disney Characters Would Be

Acento Creativo-, illustrative purposes only

If you’ve ever had an obsession with taking online quizzes about what type of bread, dog, or makeup product you would be, you might get a kick out of this woman’s analysis of bras and Disney characters.

TikToker and undergarment educator Kimmay (@hurraykimmay) is discussing what type of bra some Disney characters would be.

Starting off with a classic character, we have Cinderella. If Cinderella were a bra, she would be a cozy bralette.

She needs that “work from home” energy and to be comfortable since she’s doing housework all day. She would also be a lace bralette because she’s secretly royalty.

Next up is Ariel. If Ariel were a bra, she would be a convertible bra. Ariel is highly adaptable, transitioning from sea to land with ease.

So a convertible bra with adjustable straps would be perfect because it can be worn in several different ways. It’s flexible, just like Ariel.

Number three is Hercules. He would be a sports bra. Sports bras are strong, supportive, and functional, which sum up some of Hercules’ best traits.

Next on the list is Belle. Of course, Belle would be a beautiful French bra. She wants more than a provincial life, and a French bra offers the type of excitement she’s looking for.

It’s gorgeous, stunning and makes her feel like a princess.

Acento Creativo-, illustrative purposes only

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