He Left His Engagement Dinner After His Fiancée Spent The Whole Meal On Her Phone Obsessing Over Her Dog 

Rithor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This 28-year-old guy just recently proposed to his girlfriend, who is 27. And thankfully, she said yes, so they are planning to have their wedding and tie the knot next year.

However, his fiancée has a golden retriever mix that is 5 years old. And while he had a couple of bad experiences with dogs while he was a kid, he detailed how his fiancée is obsessed with her pup.

Now, he does think that his fiancée’s dog is super friendly. But he was honest about how the dog gets all of the attention from his fiancée.

For instance, she has actually turned down a few job positions in the past that would not allow her to work from home– simply because she was worried about leaving her dog behind.

“And I work from home three days a week, and she only texts asking how the dog is,” he added.

Recently, his girlfriend’s infatuation with her four-legged friend also completely ruined their engagement dinner.

It all began last weekend when he planned a getaway with his fiancée to celebrate the fact that they got engaged. So, he booked a very nice hotel and landed reservations at a fancy restaurant.

While they were away, one of their good friends also stayed to watch his fiancée’s dog. But, while he was trying his best to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible, his fiancée wanted a text message update from their friend on her dog every two hours.

So anyway, when it came time for their anniversary dinner, their reservation at the restaurant was for 7:00 p.m.

Rithor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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