He Took A Girl Out To Dinner And She Drank 8 Margaritas, So When The Bill Came He Wanted To Cry

chika_milan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Drinking too much on a first date can give off a bad impression. It’s usually not the best idea to get drunk in front of someone you’ve never met before.

TikToker Jake Banfield (@jakebanfieldmusic) went on his first date in three years, and it went terribly. For some reason, his date decided to consume eight margaritas during dinner.

So he took a girl named Sally out on a date to a Mexican restaurant. They were getting along splendidly and having an interesting conversation.

The restaurant sold margaritas for ten dollars each, and everyone knows that you just have to order a margarita or two when you eat out at a Mexican restaurant.

Jake and Sally ordered two drinks each. But she proceeded to order eight more throughout their date.

“You know, I’m cool with you drinking; I’m cool with paying for it–three or four, maybe, but I mean, they’re ten bucks,” said Jake.

Once she had downed five or six drinks, Jake gave her a look, hoping she would take the hint and stop ordering more margaritas.

However, she completely ignored him. By the time Sally reached about seven drinks, Jake was in shock because she seemed to be acting pretty normally. He was also stressed about how much the bill was going to cost.

“I don’t do math well, but I do know that eight margaritas that are ten bucks each equal eighty dollars on your end without tax, without the food,” said Jake.

chika_milan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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