Her Husband Invited His Friends Over For Dinner At The Very Last Minute, And When She Asked Him To Go Out And Buy Wine For Them, He Freaked Out

“It would be different if a friend I am close with who comes over all the time came over.”

Instead of helping her, her husband said it was fine, but he’d be sitting on the couch. Then, she walked over to their wine rack and noticed they only had three bottles of very sweet wine left.

It wasn’t a good collection for hosting. So, she asked her husband if he could run out and grab a few different bottles of wine, and he blew up.

He yelled at her and said they don’t need to spend a bunch of money or make their house into a “showroom” anytime people come over. He also threatened to stop inviting people over if she would do this every time.

“I honestly love having people over but not last minute on a work day,” she explained.

“In my book, if you are hosting and the people coming over are providing food, you should at the very least provide drinks.”

Did she do anything wrong by asking her husband to grab some wine?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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