In 2012, She Vanished After Going To A Birthday Party With Her Boyfriend

Montana Department Of Justice - pictured above is Jamee

Jamee Christine Grossman lived in Billings, Montana, throughout her entire life. She was born there in 1987, and in 2005, she went on to graduate from Billings Senior High School.

Then, after earning her diploma, Jamee raised her two young daughters while also enrolling in college– hoping to work toward a bright future. At the same time, she worked at Fiddler’s Green, a sports bar in Billings.

“Jamee was a wonderful person. She had a big heart. She would give the shirt off her back to anybody. She was a great mom,” Leslie Taft, Jamee’s mother, said.

But, by 2012, Jamee strangely vanished at just 24 years old. And according to her family, she began acting distant about two years prior to her disappearance after entering a relationship with a man named Frank – who reportedly did not want to spend any time with Jamee’s family.

On March 16, 2012, Jamee and her child’s father were supposed to have a scheduled visitation for their child. However, that morning, Jamee canceled the visit and claimed she was under the weather.

Afterward, her boyfriend Frank alleged that he still transported Jamee to the meeting location for the visitation. At that point, he claimed Jamee entered a blue vehicle with an unknown person before leaving.

According to Frank, that was the last time he ever saw Jamee. But surveillance footage tells a different story.

A review of surveillance footage found no evidence of Frank or Jamee showing up at the meeting location. A blue car also was not seen.

Instead, reports revealed that Jamee and Frank went to a birthday party later that same evening, March 16. The celebration was located in Lockwood, Montana, and some guests recalled how, after waking up the following morning, Jamee was no longer there.

Montana Department of Justice – pictured above is Jamee

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