She Vanished After Visiting A Man’s Home One Afternoon: He Began Remodeling His Bathroom, And Then Her Blood Was Later Found On A Neighbor’s Garbage Can Lid

Facebook - pictured above is Kianna

Kianna Galvin was a teen from Illinois with big plans.

She originally attended South Elgin High School while living with her mother, Fionna. But later, she decided to live with her father in Rockford, Illinois, for one year while attending Auburn High School.

Kianna did eventually return to South Elgin, where she obtained her GED. And upon completing this milestone, she had plans to pursue studies in art and design in Atlanta, Georgia.

But before those dreams could come to fruition, though, 17-year-old Kianna mysteriously vanished.

In the time leading up to her disappearance, she had been living with her mother and younger sister in a Concord Avenue home in South Elgin, Illinois. At the same time, Kianna was working as a full-time housekeeper at a rehabilitation center for the elderly.

Shortly before she vanished, Kianna had gotten off juvenile probation– which originated from a dispute with her mother. She also broke up with her ex-boyfriend and was newly single before she disappeared.

While things might have been looking up, however, everything went downhill beginning on May 5, 2016.

That day, Kianna was fired from her housekeeping job after working at the rehabilitation center for two months. The reason behind her being let go was reportedly attendance issues.

But despite Kianna being upset over the loss of her job, she was reportedly not distraught. And later that same day, she visited the store with her mother to purchase steaks to prepare for Mother’s Day.

Facebook – pictured above is Kianna

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