She Calls This Recipe Boat Dip, And It’s A Great Appetizer If You’re Planning A Day Out On The Water

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Are you planning on going for lots of boat rides this summer? Perhaps you’ve been invited to join in on the fun by a friend who’s a boat owner. Or maybe you’ve recently bought a boat yourself and are eager to finally take it out on the lake.

Whether you’re boarding a motorboat, sailboat, or yacht, you’ll need to bring plenty of food for your day out on the water.

But what should you take along? Of course, you want to avoid foods that are messy and complicated to prepare.

It would be unfortunate if the boat hit a big wave and caused everything to spill. And it should be something you’ll be comfortable eating on a warm day.

TikToker Jenni (@heyjennibrandon) has just what you’re looking for. Bring some boat dip on your boat ride! It’s light, creamy, and can be made in about five minutes.

Even if you won’t be on a boat, this dip is still perfect for when you’re relaxing at the beach or reclining by the pool.

And in case you’re not doing any water-related activities at all, make it for a cookout or picnic for the whole family to snack on.

To make the dip, start by adding 16 ounces of sour cream to a bowl. Next, dump in one packet of your favorite taco seasoning to give it that savory Mexican-inspired flavor.

Then, pour in one can of Rotel, specifically the kind that includes diced tomatoes with green chili. Make sure to drain it well, so the dip won’t turn out watery. Combine the ingredients thoroughly.

Liudmyla – – illustrative purposes only

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