She Doesn’t Want To Allow Her Brother To Bring His Girlfriend To Her Wedding After She Overheard Him Telling Her Fiancé Stories About How Great This Girl Is In Bed

A few days later, while she was still processing the conversation she had heard, Marla flew into town to meet everybody. She thought Marla wasn’t her brother’s usual type but that she was nice and pretty. However, she couldn’t bring herself to be very nice towards Marla because she was still upset over what she heard. Matthew noticed her cold behavior and later confronted her with an angry text message.

“I called him and told him the truth about why I was upset and didn’t want his girlfriend at the wedding,” she said.

“I did say some explicit things and called Marla names, which I do regret, and told my brother that he wasn’t in love; he was just in lust.”

Alex overheard her conversation and tried to reason with her. He apologized for participating in the dirty discussion about Marla and tried to convince her to let Matthew bring her to the wedding.

Once her parents heard what happened, they also supported Matthew and told her she should let Marla attend the wedding because he really likes her. As far as she knows, Marla isn’t aware of what happened and why she’s been angry. On the other hand, she feels she shouldn’t have to invite someone she hardly knows to her wedding events because her brother is freaking out.

“It is my wedding, not his,” she added. “He’s threatening not [to come] to the wedding if I don’t let it go.”

Was she being too judgmental of Marla, or should she be allowed to exclude her from the wedding?

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